Whidden – Bushing

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Whidden Gunworks Reloading Die Bushings

Whidden Gunworks bushings start life as D2 tool steel bar stock. They are then CNC Lathe turned to size, bored, and the entry point is radiused. After the first lathe process an addtional process is ran to cleanup and radius the backside of the bushing. From this point the bushings are then placed into a fixture in the Haas CNC Mill and engraved.

Whidden bushing come in both Standard and Large sizes. The Standard bushing will work for a wide range of calibers from .17 to .338. The Large bushing is for use in our 1.25″ and 1.5″ dies.

Measure the neck diameter of a loaded round that you’ve produced with the brass & bullets you plan to use. Subtract .002” from the diameter you measure to select the bushing size.

NOTE: Measuring several loaded rounds and using the average is advisable.

AS AN EXAMPLE: the loaded rounds measure on average .270” at the neck.

.270” – .002” = .268”

For this example, a .268” Bushing would be a good starting point to obtain about .001” neck tension. Obviously to obtain more neck tension a smaller size bushing would be needed.

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.280, .281, .282, .283, .284, .285, .286, .287, .288, .289, .290, .291, .292, .293, .294, .295

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